I’ve always loved movement, anatomy, challenges, nature, children, and connecting with others. 

After graduating with my doctorate in physical therapy in 2016, I completed two years of extensive continuing education through the Institute of Advanced Manual Therapy and senior clinician mentorship programs. The first year focused on orthopedics, the second year in pelvic health. I also decided to become a strength and conditioning specialist in order to best practice preventative care.


When I became pregnant, I set out to find the most evidence-based way to prepare my body, mind, and soul for the journey. I’d treated many mothers (both expecting and post-partum) who’d had a rough time. Honestly, I was a little anxious about what could happen to me.

But, I knew that if I prepared mentally and physically a good birth-day would be more likely.

I started Train4Birth and became my own case study.


Then, I spent a year piloting the program.

All 56 mothers came away with a positive experience. 

So, here it is: a comprehensive program to help you train for giving birth to your baby. The way you would prepare for any other athletic or life-altering event.

Disclaimer: Sometimes, no matter what we do to prepare, things don’t go as expected.Giving birth is unique and personal to every mother and every family. We totally support what you, your family, and your doctor feel is right for you and no matter what happens in your journey.

Ready to Get Started with Your Fitness Birthplan?

We want to help you be proactive in preventing the cycle that happens so often during pregnancy. The first trimester can make you feel nauseated, exhausted, and unmotivated.

Then, it’s super hard to get into an exercise routine again. Your body becomes deconditioned. This sets you up for experiencing more discomfort and difficulty during and after your pregnancy.

Let's not fall into that pattern!

We want you to have as positive a journey into motherhood as possible.


"I felt better after having my twins than I did my first pregnancy and I know it was because of doing this program."


Your fitness birth plan awaits

We want you to have as positive a journey into motherhood as possible.