Nobody should feel alone while pregnant.


Train for an optimal birth experience
and help prevent postpartum issues with a women's health DPT and mom.





It's an online course + customized exercise programming + ongoing and unlimited SUPPORT with a women's health doctor of physical therapy.*


It’s designed to help women train for an optimal birth experience and help prevent postpartum issues. We can help you prevent issues like incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, hip and low back pain, positional pain with nursing... even postpartum depression!


FREE MINI COURSE: Learn how to to exercise safely while pregnant.


Things ALL women should know



For your optimal birthing experience.


We'll answer all of your questions. We'll also adjust training sessions to where you're at in your journey.

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Baseline Assessment

34+ Weeks of Evidence-based Prenatal and Postpartum Workouts (20-41 min each)

20+ Body-weight Land and Aquatic Exercises with Demo videos 

4 hours of Women's Pelvic Health and Deep Core Education

Cardio Intensity Safety Techniques

Postpartum Exercise Timeline

Pregnancy Experience Assessment

Bonus self-care tips

Optional weekly accountability check-ins with personalized responses from Dr. Monika Patel DPT, CSCS* (Founder of Train4Birth)

Opportunity to potentially contribute to the growing body of knowledge about women’s health




Jeanie Wherry

"Pregnancy/postpartum can be very difficult, but Monika’s program makes the whole process so much easier. The exercises she shares are great at preparing you for a smooth birth process. Her positive energy is contagious, and I can not wait to use her program again for my next pregnancy!!"

Stephanie Ford

"Monika is so down to earth and easy to talk to, which are essential traits you want in someone helping you through one of the most intimate and vulnerable periods of your life. Monika offered guidance on how to safely continue being physically active while pregnant, which was so important to me, as well as specific exercises that could help my body prepare for labor and postpartum recovery. Monika taught me that healing and recovery first is the foundation for rebuilding strength and offered small steps to safely achieve that. Monika is knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares about her clients. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Brenda Nakdimen

"As a certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor, I deeply value Monika's input and collaboration in working with women. Her knowledge, personal experience and innovation in designing a program tailored to the unique needs of mamas during and after childbirth cannot be valued enough. The women I know who have worked with Monika prior to and following labor and delivery have reported excellent results with respect to feeling prepared and proactive in advocating for their care. Monika's well-rounded approach to the health and well-being of women goes beyond an average level of experience. I highly recommend her program, designed for women of all ages, and her expertise as a PT."

60+ Positive Reviews

We're proud of our alumni.


The healthier you are while pregnant, the better you will feel postpartum.

We strive to:

  • Help mommas around the world prevent unnecessary discomfort, interventions, complications, and costs related to childbirth.

  • Empower women throughout the motherhood journey.

  • Encourage mothers to take their health seriously.

  • Establish an exercise routine that can be completed both pre and post-partum.

  • Support YOU in this transitional time, be this your first child or 10th! 

We also believe in a pay-it forward culture.

  • 5% of our sales go toward a nonprofit that benefits women or children's health, education, or the environment.
  • We always publish how much was raised the donation recipient an annual basis for full transparency. 


Purchasing something online can be intimidating. 

We don’t want this to be a leap of faith.

Before you get started schedule a free 15-minute virtual Connection Call with Dr. Monika Patel.


She'll be with you every step of the way, so ask as many questions as you’d like! We want to make sure you're comfortable.


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