Pregnant Mom’s Guide to Meal Prep


Putting a healthy meal on the table can be daunting.

Then add in only having one hand (because one hand is likely holding a baby). PLUS the factor of not ever really knowing how much time you’ll have/how long baby will sleep. PLUS the exhaustion factor. PLUS other interruptions like cell notifications, requests from other family members, etc.

I believe that feeding a family is just not meant to be a one-person show.

So, here are a few tips to help you have some healthy food options on hand. During those times when prepping food throughout the week seems impossible.

Even though it can seem like a lot, taking the time to food prep can save both time and money in the long run. Plus, with online ordering these days, it’s more simple to save your staple items. Just have them favorited in your cart.

It's better to do food prep, not let yourself eat out, and have healthy options on hand. It may feel pretty "Regimented" at first. But, as you settle into a routine, it can feel nice! I really enjoy listening to Johannes Linstead while cooking.

Here are some staple grocery-list items:

  1. Organic turmeric (spice) (for anti-inflammatory properties. I sprinkle a little into everything: oatmeal, smoothies, scrambled eggs, fish, chicken, sauces, etc)
  2. Cinnamon (spice) (for circulatory system health)
  3. Chia seeds (for omega's, increases satiation)
  4. Flax seeds (for omegas, increases satiation)
  5. Greek yogurt (quick protein)
  6. Local eggs (quick protein)
  7. Salad ingredients (kale, peppers, celery, etc)
  8. Canned tuna (quick protein)
  9. Frozen berries for smoothies (greek yogurt, berries, chia seeds, flax seeds)
  10. Salmon or steelhead trout (Aldi)
  11. Protein pasta (like black bean, edamame, etc)
  12. Premade Cauliflower pizza crust + pizza toppings
  13. Sweet potatoes (great for sides, but also--I love half of one of these for breakfast with a little almond butter
  14. Almond butter (Costco)
  15. High protein cereal of your choice
  16. Women’s health herbal tea blend of your choice
  17. Cliff or Luna bars. (They are yummy and don’t crunch or crumble if you are trying to eat when the baby needs a quiet, clean environment. (AKA if you are trying to get a snack in bed, or in the car, lol)
  18. Hummus- quick and easy to spread on crackers or veggies. Plus, as your baby starts into solids, it can be a good one
  19. Bananas, oranges, apples--the trifecta of staple American fruits
  20. Killer Daves or a local whole grain bread
  21. Something fermented. Be it kimche, kombucha, or sauerkraut. Fermented foods are great for gut health. 
  22. High-quality olive oil. Our body needs fat to absorb minerals. 
  23. Avocados (when seasonal)

I also highly suggest getting a local CSA share. Maybe not immediately postpartum, but, certainly at some point. It’s such a fantastic way to eat locally grown food. Doing this cuts down on our personal carbon footprint. You'll also score the immune system benefits of locally grown food. Plus, it’s supporting a local business and responsible farming. Some CSA’s have door deliveries, some deliver to local markets.

It's easy to jump to the conclusion that being part of a CSA is an expensive option. This isn't usually the case! Especially if you sign up for a season of CSA shares. This gives farmers a guarantee that their products will go to a good home. Many of the local farmers I’ve met treat their produce like rescue puppies. They're very protective and caring. They want their babies to go to a good home

There’s also Misfit’s Market. It’s not local, but it is organic. This company collects all the “seconds” produce. Like a carrot with an extra lump. It's not pretty but, still delicious and nutritious! And super affordable. 

Another benefit of veggie boxes is that they often times will have something a little funky. Like kohlrabi or radishes. This encourages you to variety to your meals.

8 Days of Healthy Dinners for A Busy Mom

  1. Salmon + 2 veggies
  2. Cauliflower crust pizza (make this a Friday night special?)
  3. Beans and brown rice
  4. Chicken + sweet potato + sauteed greens
  5. Stir-fry
  6. Meat or Veggie burgers
  7. Veggie Lasagna
  8. Curry or Daalh 

This blog has a lot of really creative ideas. I really like making their Beet-za, mostly because of the beautiful purple color the crust.

Sunday Meal-Prep Ideas 

(~2 hours prep time and you'll have all your lunches and breakfasts ready for the week!)

  1. Make a big salad you can eat off of for LUNCH Mon, Tues, Wed
  2. Make a soup you can store in portioned out ways in the freezer and pull out for LUNCH Thurs, Fri, Sat
  3. Boil eggs
  4. Make either crockpot oats or overnight oats and store in portioned grab-and-go mason jars (In the winter, I alternate between doing oats for 1 week, and then sweet potato with almond butter the next week. In the summer, I opt for more smoothies.

Before-Bed Routine

  1. Is my water bottle filled and ready to go for tomorrow?
  2. Is breakfast prepared for tomorrow?
  3. Did I exercise for at least 30 minutes today?
  4. What are 3 things I have gratitude for right now?


I am not a dietician or nutritionist. But as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I see the connection between mind, body, and nutrition daily. Getting proper nutrition, including potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins B and D closely correlate with how your body performs. Eating healthy helps you sleep better. It helps prevent any neuromusculoskeletal aches and pains from lingering. It helps keeps your calves from cramping. It keeps inflammation down. Self-care is extra important not only when you are pregnant, but postpartum as well. Taking care of your body is promoting your longevity and quality of life with your kids. It’s setting an example for them to grow into adults who make healthy choices. 


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